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Be Gone for a Bit

August 21, 2015 21 comments

Greetings Gentle Readers,

I know I have not been around much lately, but I’m going to be around even less for a bit. For starters I am heading into an extremely busy period at work. We have a very documentation intensive release going out the end of October and my only hope of making my deadlines is to start hitting it pretty hard now. I’ll be working longer hours and some weekends, so I am afraid I am not really going to have the time and energy for the blog right now.

I have also decided I just need to step away from the internet for a bit. It is still possible to email me at the address on my blog but I will not be answering any emails until after this release has gone out. I appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding.

For any readers from Psychcafe, I have also turned off my PM’s, so please don’t take it personally if you try to contact me and it bounces.

Take care, AG

Not quite the rest I was hoping for…

Greeting Gentle Readers,

I still have a number of comments to catch up on, but it’s been slow going. We got back about a week ago from a vacation, during which I had fully intended to get caught up,  that did not prove very restful or relaxing. A couple of days into the trip (before I flew down to join my husband and daughter), my van broke down and had to be towed to a dealership over 100 miles away (springing for the better AAA membership TOTALLY paid off). Turned out to be a bad alternator and a bad battery damaged by the alternator. They needed to order parts, so my husband and daughter left my van behind and continued southward in her car. She had driven separately as when we finished our vacation, she was off to a conference. Continue Reading

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(Belated) Happy New Year!

January 2, 2015 15 comments

Greetings Gentle Readers,

I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope that the coming year is filled with peace, healing and self-discovery! I am presently on vacation and will have no internet access from January 4th – January 14th. I wanted to post a quick update. My husband is doing really well, the ablation seems to have really helped regulate his heart. We literally went to his cardiologist on the way out of town, who cleared him to go on vacation. I am very grateful that he is out of danger. Continue Reading

Where Oh Where Can AG Be?

October 26, 2014 20 comments

Greetings Gentle Readers,
Sorry for the prolonged absence, but the release (which actually still hasn’t gone out yet!!! AUGH!!) went down to the wire. I did my final turnover at 5:00 on Wednesday the 15th and then my husband and I left for a cruise at 5 AM the next morning. So I had very limited internet access from the 16th to the 24th. We had a lovely, relaxing time, but it’s been difficult going since we got home. I have been doing some intensive work around being present in my body (which it turns out is NOT a favorite activity of mine) and there is a tremendous amount of shame coming up as well as some very young memories being triggered. I hope to do some writing about it soon. In the meantime, it feels like I kind of just put everything on hold while I was away, but now that I’ve returned home I am feeling quite flooded. There’s a lot of shame and anxiety floating around and I have been feeling incredibly weepy but it’s not really connected with anything. On top of that, things have very much improved and settled down with the crises we’ve been dealing with and it feels like I may be collapsing now that I know it’s over, and I can. Which is the long way of saying that I am struggling with feeling very fragile, overwhelmed and ashamed. Continue reading

One Handed

January 24, 2014 11 comments

Greetings Gentle Readers,

Just wanted everyone to know that I will be a bit sidelined for the next few weeks. I am having a surgical procedure today on my right wrist for carpal tunnel. The procedure is done endoscopically using only a 1/4 inch incision and takes only about seven minutes. The surgeon told me that it actually takes longer to sterilize my hand then to do the actual cutting. 🙂 I’ve been experiencing numbness in my hands for about  a year now and despite doing exercises and wearing braces, it has not improved. Unlike my typing skills, which have gone seriously down hill, which is a bit problematic, since I write for a living! I will not be able to type with this hand for about 3 weeks. We are also going on vacation the first two weeks of February, during most of which I will have no internet access. Just didn’t want anyone worrying.

Things are continuing to improve in terms of the personal problems I have been dealing with and I am working on a new post about the work I have been doing around shame in therapy. Bit of a slog though, I am very much struggling to articulate what I have learned, it’s still all a bit new. My very kind boss bought me a copy of Dragon software so I can control my computer using voice commands and it included a license for my home system. So I may take it out for a spin and try to finish the post. OK, after the anesthesia wears off! See you all soon!

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October 13, 2013 49 comments

Greetings all,

I am currently facing a difficult family situation while also facing a looming deadline at work, so I will be absent for a bit. I’m not sure how long but hope it’s not longer than a few weeks. I will not be answering emails on my blog address for a bit also, so if you have written or decide to, I would very much appreciate your patience in getting a response. I need to focus my time and energy other places right now and hope everyone can understand. Take good care of yourselves and I’ll see you soon.

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Finally Back

Greetings gentle readers,

That hiatus was a twee bit longer than I anticipated. The end of the release kept stretching out without the hours getting any better (the upside is I earned a ton of comp time, for once I’ll have as many vacation days as my husband. :)) and no sooner was  I done, then my husband went into a refuel outage. As in, I finished up on Friday and he started overtime on Monday. So I took over all household duties from him and he took over 12 hour days/six days a week from me. I do not think either of us was thrilled about the trade. 😀 We’re having trouble remembering what “normal” looks like.

Continue Reading

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