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A Little Friday Silliness and Possible Absence

October 21, 2011 5 comments

This is probably not a bad reflection of my attitude about medications as well as being very funny! Enjoy.

Is it Peace or is it Prozac? by Cheryl Wheeler

And another good one by her, which highlights the absurdity of how we think about ourselves.


NOTE: I am heading off on a two week vacation on Sunday for some sun, rest, relaxation, and hopefully lots of reading. My Kindle is brimming over with all kinds of treats. Having never been a vacationing blogger before, I am not sure how much it will affect my posting here, but just in case, didn’t want to worry anyone if I end up not being very active. Take good care all and see you soon!

Self Esteem

October 19, 2011 4 comments

Just had to share this. It’s from a blog called Monkeytraps (it’s in my blog roll).  I would have written a 1,000 word post to explain what Fritzfreud did in a short series of dialogue. This is so straight forward, yet incredibly powerful. The truth he portrays here is one I had to work long and hard (and have BN explain to me 534,123 times) before it penetrated. Wish I had seen this years ago.

Bert’s Therapy: Self-Esteem